For the record, I thought the process of making your own kombucha was going to be ridiculously complicated.  ‘Fermentation of this and bacteria culture of what?!’  Ya, no dice!  I don’t got it in me!  But guess what, you literally just have to make a REALLY BIG pot of tea and add sugar to it.  Why didn’t anyone tell me?!  I love making tea!  Oh, and one other thing, you gotta hustle the other bits from a kombucha savvy friend.  And, maybe there is some bottling and stuff too.  But it’s not that hard, I promise!!  So here is the very simple, step by step guide to kombucha making 101:


Step 1:  Hustle the important bits from a kombucha savvy friend

-2 cups of starter tea

-a SCOBY; symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast


Step 2:  Get a large glass jar

-I use a 4 gallon one that I got at Winners, but 2 gallon would also work


Step 3: Make a big pot of tea! 

-14 cups of water (boiled)

-8 tea bags (I use green, but you can also use black)

-1 cup sugar


Step 4: Let tea cool to room temperature 

-remove tea bags


Step 5: Add components together in 2 gallon glass jar in the following order…

-cooled tea

-starter tea



Step 6: Cover glass jar with coffee filter and rubber band so it can breathe

-place in a dry, dark area out of the sun


Step 7:  Wait 10 days and start taste testing to see if it’s to your liking

-I usually bottle mine after 14 days


Step 8: Bottle in glass containers 

-I use my old GT kombucha bottles as pictured above

-you can flavour at this point as well…one of my favs has been ginger and lemon.

And that’s all folks!  I’ve found google really helpful with questions I’ve had, as well as a facebook group that I’d be happy to add you to if you send me a request.  I’ve doubled my batch in just a few months and grew my own new SCOBY.  I also have more kombucha at the moment than I know what to do with!  Plus I’m saving lots of my hard earned dolla dolla bills.  Win win win!!

With love, Krystle